Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ain't that some ship...

Ugh doesn't even being to describe my level of frustration with FedEx yesterday. So, here's the gist.

I had to send something for work. It was crucial it arrived at the destination on time. I get a call from the person who was supposed to receive the materials saying it had not yet arrived. I type in the FedEx tracking information and bam, it has been delivered to Christiansburg, VA. Ummm what?! It was supposed to be local, not a whole new state! DANG!

So I do what any normal person would do. I call customer service. I am told, and I quote, "ma'am, you wrote the address wrong." Did I!? Because I have a copy of the airbill right here in front of me that clearly has the CORRECT address on it. Then she said there is nothing she can do. Sigh.

I refuse to be defeated. I track down the processing plant in Christiansburg (I'm sure this was unnecessary, but now I'm heated!) and spoke with a supervisor who informed me that, "the package had been delivered." Right. I know. It has been delievered, just not to the correct person. So what are they going to do I ask? "I don't know."

I am usually a cool, calm, and collected person, but after being told by two different people that this was my fault, I was starting to unravel. I scanned the airbill and emailed it to everyone I could find with a FedEx email. Then, I took to twitter.

I may or may not have said some colorful things about FedEx via twitter that perhaps shouldn't be repeated. But you know what!? It took my venting on twitter to get a response! Not only did I get a response, I GOT THE PROBLEM SOLVED! Thank you corporate for responding, as I was about to call el presidente himself!

This got me thinking. I remember the day and age when we didn't rely so much on social media. As I like to say, back in the olden days. Remember when you used to have to call customer service to express an issue? Now the best way to be heard is twitter.

From now on if you piss me off I will tweet about it. However, I am more than happy to thank you once the problem is fixed.

So word to the wise? Tweet yours hearts out! You never know who is listening!

Friday, September 24, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

This is brand new for me, but what a great idea! I found this post on Wife of a Sailor and knew I had to do it. I hope I get to meet more military blog spouses in the process!

1.What characteristic about yourself has either been strengthened or weakened due to your experience as a Military Spouse? (from The Albrecht Squad)
  • I'm stronger than I thought. I used to be too proud or scared to go to a restaurant or movie by myself. Now, I don't even think twice. It's second nature.

2.What is your favorite vacation spot and why? (from ‘Tis the Life of the Army Wife)
  • The beach! Ocean City will always hold a spot in my heart as that is where the hubby and I got married.
3.If you could have any fast-food restaurant in the food court on base/post what would you pick? (from The Only Pink in a House of Blue)
  • Panera. Man, I love that place.
4.Where did you go on your honeymoon? (from Pennies from Heaven)
  • We didn't get a honeymoon, but I honestly don't mind. The hubby will be deployed to Palau for our 1 year anniversary so we are going to use that as an anniversary gift/late honeymoon. I can't wait to visit!
5.If you could have any job in the world regardless of money, degree or experience, which job would you have and why? (from Proud to Be a Navy Family and The Calm Before The Storm)
  • I want to be a teacher. Or a housewife. Both would be perfect to me!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Post-it Notes

I make to-do lists everyday for work, so why not implement this same theory in my home life? I feel like I should have done this ages ago. So here it goes!

This was my list. I was proud of it. Not too long and easily attainable! If only I stick to it!

And this is what happened. Ugh. I have no motivation and need to start getting my tush in gear.

How do you stay motivated? What is your advice? And do you think it's ok to eat pizza everyday? :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baking Gals!

My super fab cousin, Christiana introduced me to Baking Gals awhile back. My hubby deploys all the friggin' time so I thought this would be something fabulous to join!

He made a comment once that really hit home with me. I try to spoil him when he is deployed and send at least one care package a month. However, he said there are some guys and gals out there that don't receive anything. That was it! Not only did I start sending him quadruple of everything to share, but I knew I had to join this organization!

This post is also about baking as well. Those of you that have read some other posts know that I'm not the world's greatest chef. I try, but it usually ends in disaster. However, we did find something I'm great at. BAKING!

My Nana has been telling me for awhile now that I need to make these for C. He doesn't have a huge sweet tooth, so I often don't bake much when he is home for the fear that I will eat everything (this isn't so much a fear as a fact, ugh). Once baking gals said "welcome aboard, get to baking", I knew I had to do this! So I did! And I think it was a successful mission!

Moral of the story? Join Baking Gals. You not only help a guy or gal overseas out, but you also learn a little something about yourself. That you can bake like a champ, yo!

Before cooking. It looked like a hot, delicious mess of goodness. Yummmm. Oh, and something else...Unsweeted baking chocolate tastes awful.
Not too shabby if I may say so myself! Perhaps I should have tried a bite to make sure it was edible??

Tastes like heaven :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Public Service Announcement

I often laugh at products that say obvious things, such as not edible, do not stick in eye, etc. Seriously, I will laugh for hours at this. This one is my personal favorites: 'NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - A toilet brush with a tag that says "Do not use for personal hygiene"'. Hysterical, right?!

Well, I'd like to implement my own. I have a toothache. I've had one for awhile now, but I have a dentist appointment in a month, so I can suck up the pain til then I thought. It was bothering me a lot this morning, so I thought, "go get some orajel." So that's what I did.

Here's where things went downhill:

I ran in to CVS. I have ADD so I forgot why I was there. I was distracted by the nailpolishes. I may or may not have bought some. That's a mute point. Anyway, I quickly remembered 'toothache!' and ran to the tooth section.

Looks promising, right? WRONG!

NOWHERE does it say don't get this ish in your mouth. Granted, there aren't instructions, but still!

I put this stuff on my tooth and it came out super fast. So now my whole friggin mouth is numb, my lips are number, and my tongue is numb. Ugh.

So PSA folks. Use with caution. Apply a teeny weeny amount to your tooth ONLY. And don't swallow it. I'm sure that would be disasterous. Geez!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have been in a workout kick lately. And by lately, I mean since Monday. I figured, I'm paying $40 a month for a gym membership, I might as well use it right? Plus it is literally 1 minute from my house, so I have no excuses. Well, I do have an excuse. I am lazy. When I get home from work the last thing I want to do is workout. I want to put on PJs and snuggle. Good plan! However, I've been coaxing myself to go to the gym. Ugh.

Yesterday I took a class called Body Pump. Here is what I learned from the class:

1. Although it's your first time, don't follow the other folks in the room.
  • I did this and ended up using weights that were too heavy for me and now I hurt :(
2. When they tell you to lie down on your mat, it's not nap time.
  • It should have been, that's all I'm going to say.
3. Eat before class.
  • I was so hungry after that I almost ate my cat. He looked tasty.
4. Don't stand directly in front of teacher.
  • Especially if you are lazy. They notice when you stop. Woops.
All in all it was a good class. I am on a mission to take it every Tuesday and Thursday. Or, at least for this week I will :)

Thanks Body Pump, I couldn't wash my hair in the shower this morning. I look like a hot mess.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Deep in thought

I find myself quoting movies almost everyday. It's usually a funny line or two. Today, however, I'm in a serious mood.

I often feel that I could try a little harder to be perfect. I really do. However, this quote hit the nail on the head:
"You're not perfect sport, and let me save you the suspense, this girl you met, she isn't perfect either. But the question is whether or not you're perfect for each other."

-- Good Will Hunting
It's true. I may not be as blonde, skinny, or beautiful as anyone else, but I'm me. And that should be enough.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I got a phone for you!

I love the 80s. Sometimes a little too much. I usually quote a line from an 80s movie once a day. Not so appropriate in the office. Ooops.

I want this, but for myself. Is that creepy?! I don't want it to be creepy, I want it to AWESOME.

Halloween is one of those holidays that I adore. I love being silly on the daily, but wearing a costume in public (unless it's your job) on days OTHER than Halloween is usually frowned upon. Especially now that C and I are married. The Halloween before he proposed I wanted to do something fun so we were a trophy wife and sugar daddy.

(I think I'm funny)

Get it, TROPHY wife?! HAHAHAHHA. I know, I know, I'm silly.

Anywho, that Halloween I had one of those fake plastic diamonds with the adjustable band and THAT is what C had to use to size my finger for my Ering. I love it! So you can see why I love Halloween!

With that being said, I think this would be an awesome costume! Yet, upon further investigation, I see it for kids. Sigh. C would make the cutest Elliott!!! HA!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Too much reality TV

Something is really wrong with me, but I so want a Bump It. I don't know why. It's like I'm obessed. So much so that I asked for one for my bday, which mind you, is in December (just in case someone wants to get me one!). Everytime I go to the store I pick it up and put it in the cart. But then C always manages to inform me that I'll look like Snooki, so I pass it up. Sigh.

Anyone use one and not look like the cast of Jersey Shore?

PS, There is a disclaimer that says they are not edible. Seriously!??!?! HA!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hey baby, hey baby, hey!

So this post may be controversial to some. I'll apologize now. However, it's how I'm feeling and my questions and I should be entitled to my own opinion. So there.

Now, on to the good stuff. So, my hubby is active duty military. He deploys every other year for long periods of time. It's annoying as hell, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Well, lately, I have been thinking about our future. With him deploying so much, it's not a good time for us to have a baby. I want one. We want one. Just not right now. He will either miss the whole entire pregnancy and birth or miss the first year(s) of the baby's life. I don't want him to see things through video. I want him there in person. I know that sounds selfish. I wish I wasn't so selfish, but that's how I am, ugh.

Last night we had a chat and he mentioned freezing his sperm. That way, if he is exposed to something, it won't affect our future offspring. And, if something unbearable happens, I can hopefully keep him with me by bringing a child in this world.

Here's where I have a heart/head moral dilemma. I want that. I think it's a great idea. But I'm terrified. I feel like if we overprepare then we are opening the door for something to happen. I sound nuts I know. I need advice as to whether this is norm to feel this way or if I should just suck it up and let him do what he wants. I'm scared.