Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dress Me Up

I'm such a tomboy. I love pants. I will roll around on the floor and  I totally don't sit like a lady. That's why I have such a hard time wearing dresses.

Lately though, I've decided to venture outside of my comfort zone and wear a dress a week. The only problem is, I have yet to begin this task. I've just been saying it. :)

Since my shopping hiatus is almost over, why not welcome the after Lenten season with dresses, galore!

I love this ASOS Knitted Dress, Like, I want it immediately. However, is it office appropriate? Could I wear tights and boots with it? I'm horrible at these things. This is why pants are easy....

More officey is this Gap Sateen Dress. I think it's lovely and springy.

Totally work appropriate for sure! Ok, that could work....

Is this ASOS Midi Dress too much for the office?

 I love the colors!

I'm horrible at what is appropriate and what isn't.

I also hate shaving my legs? Too much info? Sorry.

Do you think I'll actually start wearing dresses or continue to throw on pants and go about my day?

Here's to laziness!!! ;)

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Age Old Question

Am I too old for reversible denim? Here me out.

These jeans are adorable. ADORABLE. And they scream Megan.

I'm drawn to the juniors section at Target. Often I have to remind myself I'm in my 30s. But I love everything. Perhaps it's me trying to hang on to my youth. Or, maybe, it's because I must own these jeans.


How great are these? And only $34.99! That's $34.99 for two pairs of pants. Woo!

Am I too old for them? Please say no.

Actually, please be honest. I can take it.

Would you wear reversible denim or am I stuck in my teenage ways?