Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ain't that some ship...

Ugh doesn't even being to describe my level of frustration with FedEx yesterday. So, here's the gist.

I had to send something for work. It was crucial it arrived at the destination on time. I get a call from the person who was supposed to receive the materials saying it had not yet arrived. I type in the FedEx tracking information and bam, it has been delivered to Christiansburg, VA. Ummm what?! It was supposed to be local, not a whole new state! DANG!

So I do what any normal person would do. I call customer service. I am told, and I quote, "ma'am, you wrote the address wrong." Did I!? Because I have a copy of the airbill right here in front of me that clearly has the CORRECT address on it. Then she said there is nothing she can do. Sigh.

I refuse to be defeated. I track down the processing plant in Christiansburg (I'm sure this was unnecessary, but now I'm heated!) and spoke with a supervisor who informed me that, "the package had been delivered." Right. I know. It has been delievered, just not to the correct person. So what are they going to do I ask? "I don't know."

I am usually a cool, calm, and collected person, but after being told by two different people that this was my fault, I was starting to unravel. I scanned the airbill and emailed it to everyone I could find with a FedEx email. Then, I took to twitter.

I may or may not have said some colorful things about FedEx via twitter that perhaps shouldn't be repeated. But you know what!? It took my venting on twitter to get a response! Not only did I get a response, I GOT THE PROBLEM SOLVED! Thank you corporate for responding, as I was about to call el presidente himself!

This got me thinking. I remember the day and age when we didn't rely so much on social media. As I like to say, back in the olden days. Remember when you used to have to call customer service to express an issue? Now the best way to be heard is twitter.

From now on if you piss me off I will tweet about it. However, I am more than happy to thank you once the problem is fixed.

So word to the wise? Tweet yours hearts out! You never know who is listening!


  1. How smart of you to use social networking to get the problem resolved! You've inspired me... next time a company pisses me off, I'm taking it to Twitter!

  2. OMG Twitter is a LIFESAVER! I have gone on there several times with web hosting issues and gotten responses so much father than I would have if I emailed my host. That's awesome that you got it taken care of...very nice out of the box thinking. My head definitely would have exploded before I got that far.

  3. @Christina, yes! It seems to work! The woman who helped me told me her job is to search for complaints and remedy them. I like it!

    @Salt, OMG I didn't know else to do. From now on, everyone is getting tweeted if they piss me off lol!

  4. It is amazing what we can use Twitter for now!

  5. thanks for the helpful tip! i'll use it in the future {fingers crossed we won't have to!}

    glad you got it solved!
    and thanks for being part of the blog-a-thon, nicey!


  6. Wow!! Social media is solving the world's problems!! I'm glad they were able to fix things :)

    I'm popping over from the rikrak studio!

  7. Amazing that you went through all that and Twitter was the answer. I'm baffled and glad it all worked out!