Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nom Nom Nom....

I don't know if it's because it reminds me of my childhood or the fact that I love cookies, but Cookie Monster has always been a favorite of mine. Today is his birthday. Happy birthday old friend.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So many questions, not enough answers.....

Man, this picture is so true.

I want to make program fans. I'm terrified of programs. What if no one uses/takes them. I'm going to be pissed if I spend 3,456,789 hours and have just as many fans left over. Do I really need a program? Don't people know what's going on? You're at a wedding, we are gonna say stuff, the lady marrying us will stay stuff, C will smash a glass, woohoo we are married. There. Done. Sheesh. I'm going bonkers because I instinanously think of what is going to happen to all those programs after. Seriously, I'm nuts when it comes to recycling. I have picked trash off the street to recycle it. I think I have a problem.

I'm also afraid of red wine. I'm not a huge red wine drinker, but I do like to partake in a glass or ten. I'm also clumsy as f*&^. So, a long dress, heels, and wine = DISASTER. With a capitals DISASTER. So, do I ban red wine. Heck, ban red anything. Scratch that, ban ANYTHING that is not clear. Or, do I stuff my bra with Shout! wipes and hope for the best? Or, do I establish a 300 foot rule if you are carrying a dark liquid near me. See, a problem I tell ya!

On another note, I'm torn about a bouquet toss. I don't have very many single people coming to the wedding. Do I scrap it all together? Do I open it up to all the gals, single and taken? Or do I say gents come out and if you catch it, you give the bouquet to your date. I kinda want this to occur:

Lastly, I had a nightmare about a swarm of mosquitos invading my wedding. Then, this morning, when I logged onto yahoo there was an article about dangerous mosquitos that will suck your blood til you die. Ok I didn't read the article, but that's the gist from what the title said. Is it wrong to line the venue with citronella? Or have an exterminator on hand? Ok, number two may not be plausible, but if I get eaten alive in my wedding dress, I won't be happy. Although we are on the ocean side so we may not have this problem. Hmmmm. What if I stain my dress with Off? OMG what if someone sprays it and the candles catch on fire?! Maybe the wipes are the better option...

Ok, enough freaking out. For now.....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mo' money, mo' money, mo'

Marriage is about the celebration of a couple. The love, the joy, the happiness they share. My question for the wedding industry, if you want everyone (bride, groom, folks) to be happy, why charge an arm and a leg?! Sheesh! So, since receiving our quote for the wedding, I'm now researching new ways of making money, thanks to the Business Pundit. Below are my top choices and my thoughts as to why I think I can excel at these models! :)

1 . "Virtual Farming – Nearly half a million people in China are making money by playing a game, earning gold and selling it to other players with too much time on their hands and a credit card burning in their pocket! The phenomenon that is World of Warcraft, a massively multi-player online role playing game, has spawned some of the most creative ideas for making money. The game’s currency is gold, but a lot of players don’t want to take the time to earn it themselves. So, these people in China, and all over the world, spend their days playing the game, making gold and selling it in the game for actual cash."-- Ummm, hello?! Anyone that knows me knows that I a. LOVE animals, so I can farm like a champ! And 2. I often have too much time on my hands.

2. "Doggles – If there is one thing dogs don’t need, it’s a pair of goggles, but this idea, which got its start online, has made millions of dollars and real stores have opened up all over the world. They took their original idea, of UV protective doggles and continued expanding their product line to include vests, other eyewear and even jewelry. People will spend countless dollars on their pets and this site more than proves it can pay off big time if you have a pet related product or idea."---I'm just mad I didn't think of this myself. I'm a wiz at dressing up Tiger. The other day I put boots on him. Hence, Puss and Boots. Get it?! Coggles. Sounds brillant :)

3. "The Million Dollar Homepage – This is probably the most iconic of all the crazy ideas that have ever been born. This guy decided to set up a site and sell one million pixels for $1 a piece. He got a huge amount of publicity and ended up making his million dollars. He has since gone on to other money making projects."---I'm going to start selling s*&^. I'm clueless as to what a pixel is though.

4. "LuckyWishbone – This has to rank as one of the craziest of all time ideas. Why wait around for thanksgiving when you could get a wishbone whenever you feel like it? This company manufacturers and sells plastic wishbones. They are producing 30,000 of them a month and sales have exceeded one million dollars."---I just bought two :) Pure brillance!

5. "Hungry Pod – Catherine Keane decided to make a business out of loading music on people’s iPod’s and it has paid off big time. She’s making more than $100k a year, after helping out a friend and realizing the kind of market that was out there."---This one makes me mad. I bought my Grandad an ipod and spent four days loading it with books, movies, and music. I could be a gazillionaire by now....

6. "SantaMail – Ok, this one takes advantage of little kids, but you got to hand it to Byron Reese for making millions off of this idea. Parents send him ten bucks and he writes their kids as 'Santa.'"-- Parents, if you're reading this. I'll do it for five. I'll even call. Take that! Oh, and I love cookies.

Any other ideas, send them my way! I'll be a Santa writing farmer loading music in your Ipod. I can see the checks coming!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

"C is for crunches, not cookies"

So, 40 days til my wedding seems like a great time to get in shape. I mean, I probably should have been doing this like 100 days ago, but I'm lazy. So now, I mean business!

(I'd rather eat THIS!)

Than this!

For the next 40 days I'll be (hopefully) working my little booty off. I wanna look like a movie start the day of the wedding and be able to fit in my dress lol. I'm going to need motivation and a kick in the rear to actually stop at the gym and not go home and drink wine. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!

I did manage to go to the gym four days three days last week, as well as do a work-out video. I'm on the road to progress. I'd also like to take my measurements, as I don't own a scale to know if I'm losing anything, but I can't find a tape measure so that'll have to wait.

My new routine consists of: . I can do a mean running man and think I should be able to master this (don't judge me!). Here goes nothing!

Stop and smell the roses

So, yesterday was just the kick in the tush that I needed to take a deep breath and put things in perspective. I've been a bridezilla lately. I've been stressed more than I've ever been in my life. I cry for no reason and eat like the food supply on the planet is going bye bye. I'm overwhelmed...

As I was leaving work yesterday I kept forgetting stuff. Having to run back in, do this, do that, go here, go there. It was mayhem. I parked in the 15 minute lot at a store and they took way longer than 15 minutes, so I immediately began to panic. We are broke as a joke and can't afford a ticket, OMG do I get out of line, do I tell them to hurry up, what do I do?! Eek! I didn't get a ticket, so I worried for nothing. Why do I do that?! However, as I left the store, there was a HUGE accident on the road I always take. Had I actually left the store on time and 15 minutes earlier, that could have been me. I immediately began to cry.

I think things happen for a reason. I'm a huge believer in that. I was able to realize yesterday that I need to stop stressing. The wedding will happen as it happens. If something goes aray, oh well. If I keep eating like poo I won't fit in my dress. If I keep stressing it won't help me get my head and mind in order. Wow. Sometimes you do need a wake call to make you see things. The accident also relayed to me that I need to keep up with my faith. I pray, but not nearly as much as I should. I believe in God, but I don't really take the time to sit back and ask Him how he is doing. I need to. And my family and friends. I'm so wrapped up in this wedding that I have lost track of how people are doing. I suck.

Thank you God for not letting that accident be me. I promise to take time to smell the roses each day and, when I get way too stressed, to breathe.