Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY: Arm Candy Upcycling

I signed up for an awesome Arm Party hosted by Ilene and Lenora. I had such a blast making my bracelet for my partner, that I couldn't wait any longer and I had to share what I made! PS, if you are Marielena, please stop reading now, as yours is currently in transit. :)

Just to make sure you aren't reading any further, I shall now distract you with cuteness....

For the rest of you, I wanted to share my creation and how I made it. Happy crafting!

First, gather a pile of old t-shirts, two key rings, scissors, a hot glue gun and a needle and thread.

Next, grab a helper.....

Ok, the last step isn't necessary.

Now, cut three strips from your old tshirts a little larger than the length of your wrist. I just wrapped around my wrist and cut about 2 inches extra. Yes, I'm that precise.

Now, here's the fun part. I tugged my strips so they curled, stacked them one on top of the other and put a little stitch through them to keep them in place. Then, I just started braiding.

Once you've reached the very end, place the ends through the key rings and hot glue over. I stitched too just because. Now hook your key chains together and viola!

Trust me, it's much cuter on!

So easy and definitely a great use for those old tshirts. Upcycling at its finest!