Thursday, August 26, 2010

I love you two....

Two months ago today I married my best friend.

When people ask us how it feels to be married I often say no different. The only thing that has changed is my name. C responds easy. I love that. It's easy being married, as it should be.

A great quote I found in reference to marriage is as follows:
"Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate." ~Barnett R. Brickner

Life's a beach I tell you!

I have to say, as selfish as this may sound, that I'm proud of myself. I never thought I'd get married. I honestly didn't. I was never the little girl that planned her wedding at age 6, had her dress picked out, etc. My parents divorced at age 2. I had the notion that was what happened. You marry, pop out a baby, and divorce. It scared me.

When C and I started dating I knew there was something different about him. I knew he was special. Heck, he's got potential I thought lol. I was right! The more time we spent together, the more I realized I am his pea to his pod, he is the ball to my goof. We are a perfect match.

Thank you C for putting up with me so far. You are stuck with me forever now! :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Congrats LauraLou on winning the giveaway!!!

I used and entered 1-4 in the generator and bam!
Entry number 2 won!

LauraLou, I'll go ahead and email your info!

Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't drink the water

All around me are babies. Or my gal pals that are preggers. Don't get me wrong, I love babies. And I love attending showers. I'm just not ready for a little munchkin of my own yet!

So, I've taken it upon myself to make stuff for the little ones. A few posts ago you will see I made a onesie for my super good friend's baby. Now, I made one for a little dude.

I have entirely too much fun with this. However, last night was absolutely adoreable as the hubs was helping me iron on the patch because, according to him "I had to do it just right." I wish I had taken a picture of him ironing. It was precious.

So, my newest creation in the line of onesies is this darling koala number:

So beary cute, right?! LOVE!!!!!!!

I have another shower to go to in a month. I can't wait to make something fun for that one too hehe!

PS, Ladies at work are pregnant. Ladies in my neighborhood are pregnant. Ladies at the gym! I am now only drinking bottled water.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Giveaway Time!

Hi all! It's that time, giveaway time! UPrinting is a leading online printing company that provides high quality printing at very affordable prices. The kind folks at have offered a giveaway of 250 stickers/labels with outdoor sticker printing company and Printing Servicesto one lucky Everyday Nonsense reader.

Here are the deets, yo!

■Sizes: 2” x 3.5”, 2” x 4”, or 3” x 3”
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■Eligibility: Limited to US Residents only, 18 years old and above

So how do I enter you ask? Well, that's easy!

1. Tell me below what you'd use these stickers/labels for.
2. Subscribe to my Nonsense with reader or via email.
3. Follow me on twitter and let me know!

Each comment counts as one entry. Oh and PLEASE don't forget to include an email address or twitter id with your entries so that I know how to contact you should you be the winner!

Easy right? Let's do this!
This contest will be open until midnight EST Friday, August 20th. I will choose the winner using


Monday, August 9, 2010

Onesie for a Onesie

For my dear friend Gina's daughter's first bday I decided to make something fun. All babies like onesies right? Especially frilly ones!

I found the tutorial here. Maegan does AMAZING work and I thought I would (attempt) to recreate the look for the bday girl!

Maegan suggested using an old tshirt. I had this skirt that I thought would be fun, so I decided to improvise a little.

Sorry it's so dark, I seriously just found out yesterday that I have flash on my camera phone. Sweet! (Please note, I have had the phone since Apirl. Yea....)

Anywho, I don't have a baby so my measuring skills were off. I contemplated using my cat (he's the size of a small child) as a model, but wasn't sure if that was appropriate. So I guesstimated. I was slightly off. The tush was, let's just say, in the wrong region. Woopsie, sorry little lady!

Here is the final product!

My first attempt at sewing this little onesie was ok. I have some improvements to make, but ultimately I think it's pretty stinkin' cute. Just like the little lady wearing it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

As Seen on Me

Dear Vaccuum Spacesaver Bags,

You suck.



Ok, here is my beef. My closet looks like a nuke went off in it. My cat hides in there and I thought he ran away. Nope, he was buried under a pile of clothing. It's that bad. So, on a "I'm going to get my tush motivated and clean" kick I decided to tackle my closet. That was a mistake.

I made piles, give away, keep, and not using (winter, it's summer). So with that being said, I thought hmmm I'm going to try these bag things. I folded my sweaters per instructions and plugged in my vaccuum. Here is where things went downhill.

As I was vaccumming I heard a hissing noise. One would stop probably, but not me. I didn't know where it was coming from, therefore I assumed it would go away. Bam. Bag ripped. Merrrr.

I tried another. Same thing. I have gone through four and keep ripping them. I am over it. I'm not overstuffing, I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary so I don't get it.

So you know what I did?

From now on, I'm just going to shut the closet door. That'll solve the problem.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So my cat is obese. Please see below.

Now, he can eat a box of Krispie Kremes in one sitting, devour a steak, and still have room for dessert. That cat doesn't play around when it comes to food!

I have realized lately that perhaps this isn't normal or healthy for a cat. I want him to live forever, as he is super snuggly and let's me dress him up, so we took him to the vet.

I kid you not our vet offers pet counseling. HA! Nutritional counseling for a cat?!

I get why he eats. Daddy deploys every other year. I do too. Not deploy, eat. Plus, he's a CAT. He likes it and it makes him happy. What the heck vet! First, I can only imagine what the sessions must be like. He has no problem sitting on the couch, but opening up, man, that's a different story. And how do you learn cat? Is it like a parent and a baby when the mom's know what the different cries mean? I am a crappy cat parent.

As I am going on and on about how I know want to become a cat whisper type person and explaning to the vet that she has to teach me everything she knows C informs me that it is impossible and that the counseling would be for us. Sigh. Another special moment as he likes to call it. Woops!