Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't drink the water

All around me are babies. Or my gal pals that are preggers. Don't get me wrong, I love babies. And I love attending showers. I'm just not ready for a little munchkin of my own yet!

So, I've taken it upon myself to make stuff for the little ones. A few posts ago you will see I made a onesie for my super good friend's baby. Now, I made one for a little dude.

I have entirely too much fun with this. However, last night was absolutely adoreable as the hubs was helping me iron on the patch because, according to him "I had to do it just right." I wish I had taken a picture of him ironing. It was precious.

So, my newest creation in the line of onesies is this darling koala number:

So beary cute, right?! LOVE!!!!!!!

I have another shower to go to in a month. I can't wait to make something fun for that one too hehe!

PS, Ladies at work are pregnant. Ladies in my neighborhood are pregnant. Ladies at the gym! I am now only drinking bottled water.


  1. Aww that is so cute. Dude, it seems like everyone in this area is pregnant. Is it a DC/MD thing? Because I'm not liking it.

  2. Right?! It really is I think! HA!

  3. I hear it's the snowpocalyse baby boom

  4. I second Drea.. lots o' baby making during snowmageddon! Also.. loving the new layout!

  5. Oh I should have contacted you a couple of weeks ago! My good friend is having a baby... he and his wife met in Sydney, Australia on a study abroad trip. They're naming their daughter Sydney as a result. I was looking everywhere for koala and kangaroo stuff!! I love your onesie. :)