Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Terrible...Ten Months?

I know parents usually say their child hits a terrible two or terrible threes phase. Well, I guess you could say my kitten is in his terrible ten months. Lately he has deemed it desirable to climb on my hamper, jump to the very top of my armoior, and hurl himself (aka flying squirrel style) onto the bed. Oh, and did I mention this occurs at 4 am? Last night I woke up to scratching. He was on the armoior sliding back and forth. It reminded me of Tom Cruise from Risky Business. Joy.

Below are the items he has ruined/destruction he has caused/mayhem:

1. My dining room table.

My table used to be spotless. Used to is the key word. Now, it's covered in scratches. Oh, and cat hair. Apparently it's fun to sleep up there. Awesome.

2. My hand.

I have two scars on my right hand from him scratching me. I wish I was kidding.....

3. My orange kitty.

Spaz now has a bald spot, awesome.

4. My blinds.

Apparently he likes to worm him way through the blinds. Why? Because it's fun.

5. The toilet paper rolls.

I watched him for a good 10 minutes this morning rip it to shreds and eat it.

Can kittens go through a terrible two phase? Or is it just my kitty? And I'm sure people will say squirt him with a water bottle. This cat loves the bath and shower, so that is out. Oye!


  1. Cat nip? Drug him? I'm not sure what the solution is here... Quarantine him? LOL

  2. I know this is stressful for you, but I just cried from laughing. Reading this post was like watching the dog & cat segment of America's Funniest Home Videos! But I hope things settle down for you soon.

  3. Lady, I totally get it. Tegan has "crazy time" every night around 10pm like clockwork.. she chases her tail and tears apart the loveseat.. and she's 3 years old! She STILL unrolls the toilet paper, attacks paper towel rolls like they're the devil, eats my bra straps (seriously), and stares at herself in the mirror and meows. Such a nut. So.. unfortunately.. some cats don't grow out of it :(

  4. OMG I love the toilet paper roll picture. TOO cute!