Friday, August 5, 2011

Knot It!

So, I've been on crafty, DIY kick lately. I think it's because I'm lazy and really don't want to clean my house. :) Anyway, I'm also fascinated with rosettes. So, since I've been chanelling my inner Martha, I thought, "I'm going to learn how to make these". So I did. And now you can too.

Yes I'm in PJs. Don't judge me.
Fold your fabric in half and make a knot. I'm no good with measuring so who knows how long the fabric is. I'm horrible, right? At least I know how to make a knot. That's a start....

Next, start twisting the fabric around the knot. I left the tail type thing out. More on that later. Here is a great You Tube video to show what I mean. Or just see below.

Ocassionally I'd put fabric glue around so that the twists would stay. The video also suggests sewing. Again, I'm lazy. Plus I like glue. Although a pointer, don't leave it unattended. Kittens are likely to be nosey and play with glue. Woops.

Lastly, when you have twisted, glued, sewed and made your rosette look fab, tuck the tail under. Or you could use felt. I just didn't have any.

Then I glued it to a bobby pin, but I'm sure you could put it on anything your heart desired.

And viola! An easy DIY that anyone (if I can do it, you can do it!) can complete!