Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday

My fat cat is sick, so I'm totally all about cats today. This is what is tickling my fancy so far today! (click on each photo to be taken to the link).

I may or may not have bought this yesterday.....

I need this book!!!! NEED! WANT! MUST HAVE!

HAHAHAHHAH! I love everything about this! It's purple, the cat's expression, and that is on sale! You know, because if your cat gets cold you can put this on him or her. LOVE!

What cat items have been tickling your fancy lately?


  1. Love this! (But sorry your cat is sick) I want those fat cats too :)

  2. If you like cats you might like Estorbo - I laugh until I cry with this one - go back in the posts!
    Paicture Antonio Banderas living in Brooklyn as a cat.


  3. Sorry your cat is sick :-( That cookie jar is tooo cute!!

    We have a restaurant up the coast from us called Fat Cats! They serve up the HUGEST egg breakfasts!

  4. I hope you got the cat mugs to go with your cat teapot.

    Get well soon Tig!!!

  5. Those are fantastic!! Hope your cat gets well soon!

  6. Is it a cat snuggie? Whatever it is, that cat is fanTASTIC! Sorry about Tig, love. :(

  7. I hope the pussycat gets better soon :( And I could totally see Raven in that purple sweater ;)

  8. I will send healing thoughts to your kitty.

    I love me some kitty stuff, too! I shop the Human Society store a lot, because the money goes toward a good cause! Here's a recent purchase: http://hsus.petfulfillment.com/productdetail.php?productid=2057