Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday

Sheesh, I have been slacking on Tickle Me Tuesday posts. What's wrong with me?! Anyway, I have been doing plenty of browsing on items that will spruce up my kitchen. Unfortunately, a personal chef is out of the equation. However, I'd like one of everything below please.

Fantabulously Frugal announced the Rue La La sample sale today and I almost peed my pants. I have been wanting some Le Creuset pieces for awhile now, so I may have to partake in this. And by may, I mean totally. I need this.

I have been attempting to learn how to cook while the husband is away. I'm spoiled rotten, as he does all the cooking and cleaning. So I figured learning how to make a meal or two is the least I can do, right? However, if you know me, I'm messy. Like, for real. I can make a mess with the most non-messiest product. I usually spill at least once a day. This is why I was so worried about wearing white for my wedding. Anway, I think an apron is a must!

We have a poster displayed in our home reminding guests to "Keep Calm and Carry On." Therefore, I need these tea towels. It's only fitting.
Keep Calm and Enjoy your day!


  1. i love it all! i need that towel. i make my boys dry the dishes... and umm... they are NOT calm when i make them do it. LOL

  2. I love my dutch oven...it's even yellow! The towel and apron are perfect too :)

  3. Oooh, these are such great picks! I love Le Creuset and those towels are AWESOME :)

  4. I need to learn how to cook, too. I think the first step really IS having an adorable apron!

  5. Those flirty aprons are so cute!

  6. I'd be lost without my dutch oven...and on sale even better!!!