Friday, June 4, 2010

To toss or not to toss, that is the question....

So, I have been throwing around the idea of not doing the garter toss for awhile. I'm slightly uncomfortable with the idea of C being all up under my dress and what not trying to grab it with his teeth or however you get it, in front of all those people. I don't know. Still up in the air.

Anyway, if I do wear a garter, I want it to be special. C isn't wearing his uniform for the wedding, but I wanted to pay tribute to the AF somehow. So behold my garter creation out of his ABU's.

(Tig is doing QC)

(My pj's rock don't ya think?!)

My alternative plan to the garter toss is going to be this I think....
My Grandparents have been married for a gazillion years. I'm sure they will win, but you never know. Anyway, maybe I'll do an anniversary dance instead. The winner can have the bouquet and the garter. I also think this will be especially nice considering my Grandad was in the Navy for 32 years.

Another idea is to mess with C. I could hide stuff under my dress and attach a clothesline, so that he starts pulling out a sub sandwich, a toy fire engine and etc. I think that would be comical. Or maybe I'll just hand it to my nephew and say who do you want to give this to buddy. He can pick his lucky lady and they can dance til their socks fall off.

I have some thinking to do. In the mean time, I leave you with this thought. An Old English custom was while the bride and groom were in their bridal chamber, the wedding guests would sneak into the chamber picking up discarded stockings and throwing them at the couple. Whoever flung a stocking that hung on the bride or groom’s nose, would be the next to marry. Hysterical right?!


  1. I wish I was as creative as you biggie!

  2. Do the anniversary dance instead of the bouquet toss and the junk in the trunk... Uhmmm... Dress for the garder. Love it!!

  3. At Hamster's wedding they tied gift cards to the garter/toss bouquet and have everyone married or un married come to catch. I caught the bouquet and an AMEX gift card! which, was super duper fun.

  4. megs! i put cash in my bouquet. made for a fun little part of the wedding. we didn't do a garter--your ideas are FAB and i love them!