Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Light my fire baby!

So, I have my heart set on doing a sparkler send off. I am a little apprehensive, as my venue is a 3 gazillion year old wooden structure. No pressure right?! Anywho, if I want sparklers, people are going to have to light them. So I reveal to you my matchbooks. I've never made these before so bear with me. Also, my phone sucks at taking photos, but oh well. I think they are pretty damn cute if I may say so myself :) Plus it took 3.5 trillion minutes trying to format the damn thing correctly. Pain in the tush, but so worth it I think!

I found a tutorial here I first thought these said edible and was excited. Then I re-read. I was still excited.

The template was editable in terms of changing names etc. but not so much the wording. I liked "Love in Bloom", but A. I wasn't doing seeds and 2. I'm on a beach. That doesn't make sense. Here's where the creative juices had to start flowing.

I Ctrl A'ed the page, then worked my magic! I suck at sizes and apparently made matchbooks for giants, so C helped me realize that people don't have 40 foot hands. Good thing! That's a lot of ink!

I changed the colors, the wording, and added our logo, printed on sticker paper and viola, matchbook central. As I look at them now I think perhaps I should have gotten a different color then white, but oh well. Hope they will encourage the "sparks" to fly at our wedding (insert cheesy music here).


  1. Bigs - I love this idea. Super Cute! Especially the "match made in heaven" idea. Have been apart of this before at a wedding and it was tons of fun!!

  2. Thanks, fingers crossed no one catches me on fire. I have big hair.....