Friday, June 18, 2010

My favorite color is sparkly...

I love anything that sparkles. I love the stars. I love crystals. I love my engagement ring (well done my love) and I LOVE sparklers. I'm also clumsy as F*&^.

I really really really want a picture or 12 like this. Or like this:

So I did it. I ordered sparklers.

One thing I learned, I would be a crappy engineer should I have gone that route. I can't measure and guesstimating just led to 40 foot sparklers. I may be SLIGHTLY exaggerating, but it's slight. Seriously, I'm 5'4". These sparklers come up to my chest. That can't be good.

As previously mentioned, I'm clumsy. Seriously clumsy. I fell off the curb the other day and this morning tripped over my right foot and thought I broke my knee. I don't think me and a sparkler are a good team. Another dilemma I face is my hair. It's large. For those of you who know me, my hair looks like the cowardly lion meets an electric socket. Not a good look. So, what in tarnation is going to happen to my hair the day of?!

My question is, these sparklers are larger then some of the guests. How am I supposed to display them?! Can a beach catch on fire? Can I position somehow in the sand? Or do I just give them to people and tell them to hold them 40 feet away from me and my hair?!

Oye ve. OCVFD, you've been warned!


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