Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Movin' on Up

Actually, I'm moving down in the alphabet. I'll be going from the front of the line (C) to back (S). I'm actually ok with it. I get to see things from a whole new perspective.

I am talking about changing my last name. I have been getting a lot of questions lately from friends and family. "Are you taking C's last name?" "If you do, are you keeping your maiden name as your middle",etc. Frankly, I've never given it much thought. I've always figured a gal gets married she becomes Mrs. I don't know if I'm old fashioned or what not. I am attached to my last name. Heck, it's been with me for all these years. It defines me. BUT I also love C's last name. Not only will be hubby and wifey, we will be Mr. and Mrs. S. I like that.

I know a couples that the wife keeps her maiden name and the kids will get the husbands. I completely get that. I also know couples where the wife hyphenates. I get that too. I also know couples where socially she is known by such and such, while professionally she is her maiden name. Makes sense. However, I don't have a career where I have to remain locked into my maiden name. Hyphenating will be about 3,000 letters and who has time for that?! The only detterance I have had to changing my name has been the horror stories I have heard regarding the MVA's, the SSA, etc. I hate lines. HATE.

As I've been googling the easy way to do this whole name change thing (I'm lazy damn it) I have been surprised at how easy it is to change your name to whatever in tarnation you feel like. Reminds me of the Friend's episode where Phoebe became Princess Consuela Bananahammock. That has a nice ring to it!

Here are the rules for Maryland:
Q. I just don’t like my birth name and I want to change it. Can I choose any name I want?

A. Yes, you can choose any name you wish as long as:

You do not intend to commit a crime and

You do not interfere with the rights of others—for example, you cannot change your name to that of a celebrity in order to take advantage of the celebrity’s name.

Ummm HELLO!? So as long as I don't kill anyone or promise not to blackmail people I can be whomever!? Sign a sister up! I am so gonna be Gwen Stefani! Or have C become Brad Pitt. So people will ask me, who's your husband? I say you know, Brad Pitt. Genius!

This part also made me chuckle:

“Usage” - In Maryland, you may change your name by simply picking a new name and then using it in your daily life. You can just start using your new name with friends, family, and any businesses with which you have contact. You will also need to change your records with various government agencies. Here is a case that supports your right to use a new name without going to court. Stuart v. Board of Elections, 295 A.2d 223 (1972).

Who would have thought it was this easy?! So now here is my dilemma...do I go all out crazy and become a Princess Consuela Bananahammock? I could have fun with this! From now on folks, you can call me Jill :)

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  1. omg megs, i love this. and if I ever marry my bunny, I'm moving all the way to the top of the alphabet (A!) from somewhere near the bottom. Not that this is the primary reason I want to marry him, or anything. There's love, and what have you. Etc. ;)