Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So many questions, not enough answers.....

Man, this picture is so true.

I want to make program fans. I'm terrified of programs. What if no one uses/takes them. I'm going to be pissed if I spend 3,456,789 hours and have just as many fans left over. Do I really need a program? Don't people know what's going on? You're at a wedding, we are gonna say stuff, the lady marrying us will stay stuff, C will smash a glass, woohoo we are married. There. Done. Sheesh. I'm going bonkers because I instinanously think of what is going to happen to all those programs after. Seriously, I'm nuts when it comes to recycling. I have picked trash off the street to recycle it. I think I have a problem.

I'm also afraid of red wine. I'm not a huge red wine drinker, but I do like to partake in a glass or ten. I'm also clumsy as f*&^. So, a long dress, heels, and wine = DISASTER. With a capitals DISASTER. So, do I ban red wine. Heck, ban red anything. Scratch that, ban ANYTHING that is not clear. Or, do I stuff my bra with Shout! wipes and hope for the best? Or, do I establish a 300 foot rule if you are carrying a dark liquid near me. See, a problem I tell ya!

On another note, I'm torn about a bouquet toss. I don't have very many single people coming to the wedding. Do I scrap it all together? Do I open it up to all the gals, single and taken? Or do I say gents come out and if you catch it, you give the bouquet to your date. I kinda want this to occur:

Lastly, I had a nightmare about a swarm of mosquitos invading my wedding. Then, this morning, when I logged onto yahoo there was an article about dangerous mosquitos that will suck your blood til you die. Ok I didn't read the article, but that's the gist from what the title said. Is it wrong to line the venue with citronella? Or have an exterminator on hand? Ok, number two may not be plausible, but if I get eaten alive in my wedding dress, I won't be happy. Although we are on the ocean side so we may not have this problem. Hmmmm. What if I stain my dress with Off? OMG what if someone sprays it and the candles catch on fire?! Maybe the wipes are the better option...

Ok, enough freaking out. For now.....


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