Thursday, April 29, 2010

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something...purple?!

With our wedding fast approaching I keep realizing there a little things here and there that I am forgetting. As much as I'm not keeping to "tradition" as my mom would say, there is one tradition I'd like to follow. The something old, something new, yada yada ya.

Something old: I want to use my grandmother's dress somehow. I'm thinking of making a snazzy headpiece or something, like a headband. Or wrapping it around my bouquet. I contemplated sewing it in my dress, but that will be a bloody disaster (literally!) so that's a no go.
I am also wearing my Great-Grandmother's (GG's) necklace from her wedding. It's from I think 1920 something so I'm absolutely afraid of it (we have my ring insured because I don't do well with nice things) but I'm good to go on the old front. So check this one off.

Something new: Loads. Dress, make-up, bought myself a lovely bracelet. Check.

Something borrowed: Hopefully Jenni will still let me use her earrings. Then I'm good to go!

Something blue: ?
I have given a lot of thought to this one. Blue underwear? Nah. With my luck those will show through and won't those be lovely pics to look back on. Blue shoes? Maybe, waiting for the Old Navy $1 flip flop sale to hit. I tried using my MOH Michelle, since she'll be wearing Aqua. However, I was told she doesn't count. Dagger.

Apparently there is another line to that verse "A silver sixpence in her shoe". This poses a few problems for me. 1. I don't think they make sixpences anymore. 2. If they do, how do I get one? I asked at the bank and they laughed. Simple question, geez! C. I don't know if I am even wearing shoes. D. If I do wear shoes, won't that be uncomfortable? I mean, I can't stand getting a rock in my shoe. I'm not ok with this, but don't want to break tradition. May forget that I heard that last verse....

As I've been collecting my items I have also been wondering if this same tradition holds true with the men. I haven't seen C running around lately to gather his last minute old, new, borrowed, blue items. And if he has a sixpence lying around I'm going to find it! That sucker must be worth a mint!

I've been googling like a maniac, because I am just that dang curious and can't find jack. So if any guys out there know the answer to this, let a sister know, m'k, thanks! Google, I'm going to assume by your indifference to my question and the fact that I am getting nada will mean a big, fat NO.

On a side note, this are some FANTASTIC and totally INSANE traditions that I did find while googling for the aforementioned men and bingo! This arose. I kinda hope they don't happen, I'm not gonna lie....

"Other wedding day superstitions include: it's lucky to tear your wedding gown accidentally; it's good luck to find a spider on your dress at any time during the day; it's good luck to tear your veil, even deliberately, though accidentally is best; a good bridesmaid may ensure the bride's happiness by sticking her in the arm with a pin."

"Break the wedding cake over the bride's head. This practice supposedly signified the bride's fertility. Fortunately, this has evolved into the bride and groom stuffing pieces of wedding cake into each other's mouth."

Geez, the first one scares the lights out of me! I don't want to tear my dress because I kinda like it. I'm sure it's gonna tear at some point because my clumsy butt will wipe out, but I'm not just tearing it for the heck of it. I am not a spiders fan. I don't hate them, but I am not a "oooo a cute little spider" type of gal. I usually ignore them and they ignore me. It's a mutual understanding. They best be staying away! My veil, well, I guess I'm lucky cuz I tore the ish out of it already. DIYing is hard! And if my ladies come at me with a pin to stick me, they better believe they haven't heard the last of me! :) And the second one. I am so madly in love with my hairstyle that honestly, I don't think that sucker is going anywhere so smash away. BUT I'm not in a rush for kids, soooooo I'd prefer just to eat the cake, not to wear it.

Ok, clearly I get sidetracked easily. Back to the men and their somethings or other. I found this tradition used to describe the final four teams for the playoffs last year. Let's just say if C had his way, it would be something purple instead of blue. Enjoy!


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