Thursday, September 8, 2011

My gripe with the retail world

I agree 110% percent with this statement. Here is the case in point.

I needed pants, so what did I do? I bought pants. Let me first start out by saying, I'm 5'4". I'm a decent height. Not too tall, not too short. But, the pants I bought were about 18 inches too long. I wish I was exaggerating.

So I went to another store. And they were the same way. So I got pissed.

Thank you baby Jesus that I have a sewing machine. Otherwise, could you imagine the amount of money I'd be spending on hemming?! Sheesh.

So that's my vent for the day. You want a decent hemline? Talk to Congress and make the economy turn around. It's that simple. :)


  1. I am 5'10" so I almost never find pants that are long enough so if what you are saying is true, I need to go shopping right now! I usually have to try to find pants that have a big cuff so I can get them tailored to be longer. Pain in the butt!

  2. Ugh, pants are always too long for me! I wear heels every single day. Don't people know we're not 6'?!

  3. I'm your height, but I have a super short torso and long legs, so pants are often too short for me...yet I can't wear talls...It's maddening!