Wednesday, July 13, 2011

To do list

So, the hubby deployed in February. It is now mid July. And guess who has her to do list done? Not this girl. Woops.

So here's the deal. I wanted to do a few things before the hubby returns in 38 days. It's not looking too hot....

1. I wanted to clean out my closet.

I have an obsession with clothes. C can tell you though, when he is home, I'm good about shopping. I rarely do it. But, when is gone, I get lonely and cure that loneliness by shopping.


I still have a lot off work to do.

I have a hard time getting rid of stuff. Everything has a meaning to me. I need to get over this. For those of you on here that periodically clean out your closets, how do you do it? I need help.

2. I want to learn how to cook.

Hubby is a meat eater. I can't stand that stuff. So of course when he is gone I don't cook meat. Unless of course anyone feels brave. If you know my husband in real life, ask him about the time I served pink chicken. Apparently it's not supposed to be a "pretty color." Who knew.

3. Work out like a mad woman.

I'm lazy. I work three jobs. This isn't boding well.

Amen, Natalie. Amen.

With 38 days to go, I have a lot to accomplish. Wish me luck! And if you hear of me slacking, crack the whip. Or, give me an ice cream sundae. That'll do too.


  1. 1. I need to clean out my closet too. Maybe we should make a weekend pact and JUST DO IT. Then we can tweet each other the results.

    2. Learning how to cook: go to the library & pick up a few cookbooks. Start easy with somebody like Rachael Ray, whose dishes are easy to assemble with easy to find ingredients. And check out some food blogs! I have a whole list of them on my blog, I can get you the link if you want.

    3. Don't feel like an idiot at the gym. Easier said than done, I know, but everyone feels that way. So just fake like you own the place and I promise--no one is looking at you.

    YOU CAN DO IT, girl! :)

  2. 1. I would say buy a few pieces you look amazing in and, when you are in a cleaning mood, find a place for them in the closet while getting rid of the things you don't love as much as the new stuff. Plus think of all the people that can love those clothes that you are getting rid of after you donate them.

    2. Use a crock pot. I hate touching meat and with a crock pot you basically throw it in untouched and reopen when finished 6 hours later. I have a few great recipes if you are interested.

    3. I find good music is the key to wanting to work out or just wanting to dance like a mad women.

    Good luck with your list!

  3. Cleaning out the stuff...I don't know, I just do it. I'm really weird about collecting too much stuff and I hate being disorganized, so when I get to a point where I'm searching for stuff, then some things need to go. I don't get attached to things very easily, so it's easy for me. I don't know how to advise you!

  4. Hey Megan! Just wanted to let you know I LOVE the bracelets you got for me! I'm sporting them in my blog swap post with a link to you. Yours are on their way!

    Good luck with cleaning your closet. Sometimes it's a lot harder than it seems. Just think to yourself if you haven't used it/worn it in the past 6 months, you probably won't wear it/use it in the next 6 months. That helps me purge a lot of things! :)


  5. Absolutely cannot help you with number 1. I SUCK at that. But.. Scot forced me to do it a few months ago.. I took the stuff I haven't worn in 2+ years and just had to let it go :( It was a sad, sad day!

  6. I am the worst person to ask about getting rid of clothes. My closet bar just broke because I had too much stuff hanging on it. Oops.

    (At B.Spears, we can dance our booties off and count it as a workout.)