Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cat humor for the day

I adore my friend Katie. She's fantastic. She always knows that a great cat post will cheer me up. And she's right! Check out the fabulousity that is today's!

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH Thank God Raven hasn't mastered this trick yet. And yes I say yet.

See how the door in the picture is propped open? Well, above our basement door is a sign that says man cave, because well, the least I can do is allow C to have one room in the house, right? Anyway, apparently yesterday this sign was bothering kitten and he jumped and balanced on the door (remember, it's propped like above!) and began hitting the sign. He is so bad. By the time I turned the corner to see what he had done he was screeching because he couldn't get down. I contemplated laughing and taking a photo, but was afraid he'd fall, so I helped him instead.

I now keep the door shut, but today I'm going to check my wall! Eek!


  1. Raven is a bad kitty and I love him somethin' fierce for his bad kitty ways!

  2. How did that cat get INTO the wall?? Hahaha!

    And badd Raven! But I can't help but laugh at the kitty. ;)

  3. Yeah... how did he get into the wall!