Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The second most important man in my life

For the longest time my Grandad was my number 1. He was/is my best friend. I'm not even kidding. I could call that man drunk off my ass lost in DC at 4 am and he would laugh and tell me which metro take home or find the number of a cab for me. He never judged me. I could tell him things I could never tell my mom and he wouldn't ever crack my secrets. He still hasn't ever told anyone things I've never asked him to repeat. We share inside jokes. We have a crazy love for Britney Spears and Jimmy Buffet and we both have the same color green eyes. He told me when I got married that now C has to be my number 1. That upset me, but I know what he means. Now they both are my best friends and I'm totally ok with that!

When I was little my Grandparents practically raised me. My mom was an operating room nurse and worked about 23 hours a day. I rarely saw her. I remember one day I was so excited and she picked me up from my Grandparents, and, as we were driving home for the weekend, her pager went off. She stopped at the gas station to call in, and we made a U turn. I hated her sometimes for that, but as a single mom, she had to what she had to do. I get that now.

When I would cry about missing my mom, my Grandad would make me laugh. He would make me ice cream and waffles and we would watch the Wizard of Oz or Mary Poppins together and I'd act the movies out for him. He's the best.

I remember once when I was playing with my dolls and told my Grandad that, "when I get married you are walking me down the aisle." Fast forward 23 years later and it finally happened. As my Grandad was walking me down the aisle he whispered to me, "it's about time. I couldn't wait forever." HA!

I just wanted to post about how amazing he is and tell the world and God and whoever else is responsible for keeping folks here on the planet about how awesome my Grandad is and that I'm soooooo happy and thankful he was able to share my special day with me.

Love you Papa Bear!


  1. What a sweet post! Your Grandad is awesome!

  2. What a sweet post! I'm sure your granddad knows how much you love him, he sounds like an amazing man.

  3. What a touching post! That's so amazing that you have someone, your grandpa no less, to be there for you in that fashion! Love that picture of you guys :))