Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Open Letter to the United States Postal Service

To whom it may concern,

I am a military spouse- I know how to pack/ship like it's my job. I am a pro. However, when given options, such as parcel post, express mail, or overnight, I usually go with express. However, in this one moment of weakness/cheapness, I went with parcel post. Herein lies the problem.

My husband is currently deployed in a location that was disclosed to your post office. The zip code (it's not an APO) was provided a well. Therefore, when asked if I would like parcel post and I answered yes, the correct thing to do would have been to say, "woops, sorry Miss, that option isn't available." And I would have said, "no worries. Express it is." Simple as that. However, here is how the scenario played out:

USPS: Would you like parcel post for $12.34, express for $20, or overnight for an outrageous amount?
Me: Parcel post please.
USPS: Sure, that will be $12.34.

Luckily, being the overparanoid wife that I am, I ordered the insurance and went on my merry way. This was March 2nd. I have my receipt as proof.

Fast forward to April 2, exactly one month after.

The receipt states that the expected delivery is Monday, March 14. Mind you, I felt two weeks was a stretch, as it took hubby about that long to arrive at the location. But who am I to judge. The motto of the post office is rain, sleet, or snow. So an ocean shouldn't matter either. Wrong.

Being that a month would provide an extra week or two for delivery, I decided to log on to the site to check the status. No info was available. So I called. I was told, and I quote, "it will take awhile. It looks as if it's sitting on a parcel somewhere." Hmph.

Today, April 20, I called again. (My hubby really needs these items!).  Today I was told, and mind you, here is where my problem is, "parcel post should never have been an option and they don't deliver parcel post out there." So yea. Now what? You are telling me that my husbands stuff is what? Being distributed amongst your workers? Being returned to me so I can send express? No. It's no where to be found.

If the USPS knew that parcel post wasn't an option, why did they offer it? And why can't I have my box back to re-send?

I am extremely disappointed about the lack of communication from one end of the spectrum to the next. If anyone can tell me where my package is and how the heck I'm supposed to find someone to retrieve it, that would be great. Otherwise, I'll assume it's missing in action like Ameila Earhardt.

Yours truly,
A new Fed Ex or UPS customer,



  1. I'm so sorry you guys are having this issue! I hope someone gets their butt in gear and fixes this for you. The USPS is such a screwed up office/organization/whatever. It always seems like a never ending circle of chaos and changing info. By the way, Fed Ex and I don't get along for similar reasons, so I'd suggest giving UPS your next try.

  2. Ugh, what a pain! I've had too many letters/packages go missing in action!

  3. I have been a loyal UPS customer for quite some time now. I have had nothing but trouble with the USPS -- I'm so sorry they lost your package, they should definitely have returned it! I would call the postmaster and get to the bottom of it, it has to be somewhere. :(

  4. Oh no! This is such a sad and frustrating story! I hope you insured it for a ton of money because the fact that your package has just "disappeared" is completely unacceptable!

  5. You're handling this rather well, actually. I would be PISSED. That's just unacceptable. It's not like they never mail things and don't know better. Idiots. I;m sorry it's MIA :((