Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday

Here's to another round of Tickle Me Tuesdays! I love this because I can post about things I really love and want with the hopes that the hubby sees and says, "Hmmm I'm going to buy Megan this." Good plan. :)

I love wine and I love funky and colorful things. I need these and a good bottle of wine ASAP. (PS, free shipping makes these bad boys even more appealing. I heart them. a LOT.)

This speaks for itself. It's adorable. Plus it reminds me of my husband. On our first date I didn't want to know the basic, "where are you from" questions. I wanted to see if he had a sense of humor. So I asked, "What's your favorite dinosaur?" Angliosaurus, in case anyone was wondering. Mine is the one from Land Before Time, but I'd like it to stay a baby.

I'm from Maryland. I have to like these. Now I want crabs. And Old Bay. And summer....

What's been tickling yoru fancy? 


  1. I NEEEED that print -- too cute :)

  2. That T-Rex print is tooooo funny!
    Great find!

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. I love that you asked him what his favorite dinosaur is. :)

    I'm so ready for summer and a big steam pot full of crabs at the beach...NOM.

  4. I'm from MD too and those coasters are great!

  5. Crab date soon!

    And I neeeed those wine markers. Even when it's just Scot and I. Too confusing, lol ;)

  6. That dinosaur print is fantastic!

  7. Love all your picks! I have been eyeing the Yellow Heart Art shop. Also...mmmm...Old Bay and steamed crabs. I now have a craving!