Friday, December 3, 2010

#reverb10- promt 3- Alive

I may wear the glass slippers..but my hero wears combat boots.♥

"Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors)" (Author: Ali Edwards)

Taking a lead from Jessica, I knew the moment in my life that made me feel most alive was seeing my husband (then fiance) on R&R from Afghanistan.
My husband and I have been through a lot together. More than is necessary to get into via this blog. All of these experiences have only made us closer- made us more appreciative of each other.
When C deployed this last round, we were in the midst of planning our wedding. And I got a third job. I was exhausted. One day, in November, I was working at job 3 and did not get out work until 10 pm. Cell phones were not permitted on the sales floor, so it had been in my locker all evening. C's sister had called roughly 6 times in a row since 9 pm. I immediately thought the worst. I fell to the floor and sobbed.

Since I tend to freak out before I know facts, I took a deep breath and called. She just wanted to say hi. Dang! We talked the whole 20 minute drive home, just catching up. Little did I know she knew what was about to occur.

I will backtrack a little here. For a certain number of days the guys and gals are deployed they are allowed R&R, or rest and relaxation time. However, this last deployment, it was based on a lottery system. C had informed me of this previously and I was under the impression his number had not been called, therefore, he would not be coming home. Sigh.

Back to the point. I walk into the house and notice an ABU jacket hanging on the stairwell. I thought nothing of it, as our roomate at the time was also in the AF. I walked to the kitchen and noticed his name plates on the mail on the counter. Again, my thoughts went to, "C must have asked Tina to grab him a new set at work." I sat on the couch, put my head back to relax and the next thing I know I hear, "hi baby." I panicked. I looked up and C was there. I immediately burst into tears, dropped the phone (and his sis was still on the line, woops!) and wept like a baby. Then I proceeded to say (because we all know how smooth I am), "I didn't shave my legs!" Who says that?! Why didn't I say hi! HA!

I started to worry. Was he home due to injury? Due to something that happened? No, he surprised me! Once over the intial shock, I hugged him as tight as I could. I had never been so alive at that moment. I had needed him there. I was going through a lot. He was home and comforted me at just the right time. I remember not being able to breath, and for a moment, almost having an outerbody experience. This was so real, but was I dreaming? I wasn't. And it was amazing.

What was your moment?


  1. Oh yeah, completely crying over here. What a great, fantastic memory!

  2. What a sweet moment! It's so funny how we say the weirdest things when surprised. And having shaved legs is very important!

  3. Omg, how freaking awesome?! What a wonderful surprise.

  4. What a sweet, sweet story! You put tears in my eyes lady. So amazing that he surprised you <3

  5. That is probably the best surprise that can ever happen! =)