Friday, July 2, 2010

Turn that frown upside down...

I've been an emotional wreck this past week. I was talking to C about it and told him I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't know if it's post-wedding blues, the fact that it's been hotter than Hades, or just the fact that I haven't really had any unwind time since the wedding. In an attempt to self diagnosis my problem (I'm a doc yo!) this isn't an uncommon problem. Please see below:

Post wedding blues, also known as bridal depression or post wedding depression, is common among women who may commonly romanticize the institution of marriage. In post wedding depression, following the wedding day, many brides fall into a deep depression when faced with the reality that "THE" day has come and gone and now settling into married life, as the role of a wife, is a lifelong committement. For some women, this may seem depressing as it closes the chapter on a part of her life and begins a new unchartered path. It is during this period that many women will turn to their mother figure or a very close friend as a confidante to express concerns. While these two individuals may have been supportive during the wedding preparation process, discussing fears and sadness, over the nuptials, should not be discussed with mom or friends. Because these individuals may also be suffering a sense of "loss", they may not offer the most objective advice or comfort during this transition period of the bride.

Say wha?! Here's where I disagree. My mom and friends are fab. If I wanna complain to them, they are super about listening. They get it. So there. Also, I'm not "settling" into married life as this caption says. Have you ever looked up settle in the dictionary? (Yes, I still use a dictionary). To settle: to sink to the bottom, as sediment. I'm not sinking. I'm rejoicing. So instead of settling for married life, I'm embracing it. I'm looking forward to the new chapter that is before me.

I never needed a ring to prove to me that C was committed. It was a nice touch. I also don't look at marriage as an institution. I see it as a relief. You have that assurance that you know that person has your back 110% and isn't going anywhere. In an instution they lock you up! No ball and chains here folks! I guess what I'm saying is this. I don't know why I'm depressed. I have so many adventures in my new life to look forward to. If I can't plan another wedding then perhaps I can start by planning our future. That is something to totally be excited about.


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