Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ring my bellllll elll bell, ring my bell.

I would like to thank the Ritzy Bee blog for this awesome idea! I love bells! :)
I don't want the traditional "so and so" takes "so and so" wedding invite. C and I are silly, funny, and not so ordinary. I want something that reflects our goofy personalities.
I don't know the appropriateness of a top ten countdown (can you tell I watch Lettermen before bed lol!). The top ten resons to get married: 10. Insurance is cheaper. 9. No more dating. 8. Anniversary presents. 7. A definite date on Valentine's Day. 6. A new ring. 5. Being center of attention. 4. Getting to buy a dress! 3. Honeymoon (oooo lala!) 2. PARTY!. 1. Spending the rest of your life with the one you love. As previously mentioned, we aren't the average couple.
I also really like this idea: Susan "Wedding Schmedding" Smith and John "They'll Never Take me Alive" Jones gleefully invite you to witness them eating their words! HA! This one is sooo us!
All in all, I am stoked :) And honey, I will be there with bells on!

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