Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life is like a box of what?!

So, an interesting fact I learned, which perhaps many knew. Me, not so much. In French, ganache means jowl. Jowl means the flesh under your jaw. I call it the hangy part. (Hence the picture, it's friggin bacon!). I am completely fascinated by this new discovery of definitions because I just devoured an entire box of Godiva truffles with ganache coating!

My dilemma lies with the fact that there are warning labels on everything these days. Pencils have one that say "do not stick in eye". I mean, come on! However, I may need to write to the chocolateirs and request that a warning label be placed on chocolate. I really think I may have come up with something. If I am more prone to being "jowly" (yes, it is now a word) then I may think twice about eating a whole entire box of chocolate. I may in turn, eat carrots or *gasp* something healthy.

Until the French can come up with another non-demeaning name for deliciously-goodness I am going to pass on the chocolate. Or at least until I get hungry again. Hmmm....


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