Friday, November 6, 2009

My heart hurts....

So, as much as I would love to say something funny or witty, all I can think today is about how my heart is hurting slowly and painfully. First, I am sooooooooooo sad for those in Fort Hood. I don't even want to think about those soliders who survived deployment and, on their way back this happens. Even those getting ready to go. On our own soil, on our own turf, and on a base where we are supposed to feel safe. Wow. I don't know the motive, etc. nor do I judge. I just am praying. I hope this is the end, but my fear is there will be retaliation. I don't do well with anxiety, so I am just taking deep breaths and avoiding the news. People suck!

Secondly, my Grandy is getting worse. She forgot my Grandad last night and I had to witness heartbreak and sadness like I have never seen before. To have my Grandad, who is the strongest man I know tear up made me bite my lip and go to my happy place. I can't imagine being with someone for 64 years and one day they not recognizing you. This is why I take so many pictures! Who knows if I'll get this awful disease, but I want to be prepared. I also want to know that those closest to me will be strong and fight like my Grandad. Please don't leave me or give up. I love you all!

There, that is my venting for the day. So much better!


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