Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friends shouldn't let friends text SOBER!

OMG! How freakin' embarrassing! So my boss is a total lune, but I love her for that. Anyway, to sum up why I started freaking out, my friend was really upset because her boss took her out for lunch and during that lunch, she got laid off. So now for my story...
My boss calls me out of the blue. I have been doing what I do for 7 years now, and ever year to go over my schedule has either been a meeting at work or a phone call saying this and that. This time SHE WANTED TO TAKE ME TO DINNER. I freaked, I'm not gonna lie.
I've been moody and emotional these past few weeks anyway, so this just hit the nail on the head. I went to text my best bud, and apparently the letters S and P are close in the phonebook. Needless to say when calling my boss a "Weirdo and a whack job" I sent the text to my FREAKIN' BOSS!!!! OMG! So I get a text back from her saying, "Um, I think you sent this to the wrong person". Uh, yea! You think?! So I totally had to explain the story of the lunch and my boss just said, "no you are not getting fired". Not now at least I say. OMG! How mortifying! So she won't answer my calls or anything and I feel like poo. I'm hoping I can use this as a "woopsie, I'm spacey" excuse and get away with it. Moral of the story...PROOFREAD and double check before you hit send. Wow.

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  1. Megan...this is great! Chad told me something about the "sent the text to the boss" thing, but your version left me in tears. Recording your "moments" will bring such joy to all of our lifes!! Love you and miss you...your sis to be, Dawn.