Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesday: Accessories

My normal Tuesday routine consists of rolling out of bed, eating breakfast and linking up with Sarah from Yes, Teacher for another edition of Tickle Me Tuesday. So, without further ado, here are the accessories tickling my fancy this week!

Vintage "Buddy" Wayfarer Blues Brothers Clear Sunglasses

I haven't a clue why, but I'm obsessed with these. They will probably look atrocious on me, but heck, for $3.75 it is almost worth trying them out.

I am terrified of elephants, but I think I can get over my fear with this darling number! How precious?!

Ummm, words cannot express my love and desire for these. And for $17.99, it's totally a price that makes my heart skip a beat.

What has been tickling your fancy lately? And what accessories are you totally smitten with?


  1. Those glasses are really cute!

  2. Those mismatch earrings are so unique! And those glasses are pretty awesome :)

  3. It's all about the mismatched earrings!!! So cute!

  4. That elephant bracelet is awesome!!

  5. Love the BaubleBar animal bangles! I have the Orca!

  6. They're all adorable! I'll take one of each. Thanks ;)

  7. I have a pair of 50's eyeglasses that my mother in law had. The overall shape is very much like the Buddy glasses. I laugh every time I look at them. They make me happy for some reason. I may have to get a pair of these.

  8. Just wanted to say hi and that I'm a fellow RVA blogger:) You have a neat blog here! Feel free to check out mine if you wish.
    I have glasses almost exactly like that, just raybans haha ;)

    <3 Leney