Thursday, February 23, 2012

I need direction in my life

I need direction. I need someone to sit me down say you will do this, go here, wear that. It gives me structure. I'm like a toddler, I need order.

With that being said, let me introduce you to the first world problem chaos of the past week. I am in a wedding and we are to wear black dresses. That was all the direction I was given. This is where panic set in....

Which dress do I choose?! I love them all and can't decide. Eek!

How goregous is this?!?!?

Another one I am smitten with?

I haven't a clue what a gimlet is, but I LOVE it!

Which one would you choose? And where is a good place to find a black dress?


  1. Don't make me choose, they're too pretty. I hate my arms so I'd go with number one but you are a smokin hot hottie so go with number 2.

  2. I love number 1! Also, a gimlet is a cocktail. Gin and (lime) juice, baby!

  3. I'm pretty sure a gimlet is a cocktail popular in the 60's, which makes me like that dress even more!