Thursday, February 2, 2012

Everything PLUS the Kitchen Sink

I know, I know, I shouldn't call him a jerk. But, sometimes I think he likes to mess with me. Like, I'll say, "Raven, get down!" and he raises his paw like he is going to b**** slap me. Or, you say "Raven NO!" and he'll hiss at me and carry on what he is doing. Jerk. :)

His new thing is he's fascinated with the faucets. I mean seriously, he's a year old, you'd think he would have discovered them before now. But no. So on a daily basis I either have to leave my water dripping for a little bit (I'm paranoid he won't drink!) or shoo him away from the sink.

Here's my solution!


It's a water fountain. For the cats. Sounds brilliant, right?! Right.

He was fascinated with this thing. I thought my mission was successful. I had solved getting him out of the sinks! He'd love this thing and it would be a great substitute to getting in the sink. Or so I thought....

I think I just encouraged his behavior more. Lovely.
How do you keep your cat out of the sink? Or, do you have to ask if you can use it like I do because thinks he owns the place?


  1. Raven the diva. He's like the honey badger, he don't give a damn. Hahaha ;)
    Wish I had some helpful tips for you but my cats are outdoor cats :/

  2. I LOVE HIM. He can do no wrong. That's HIS sink, henceforth. ;)

  3. Some cats love the sink, and I don't think it can be avoided. Like you said, he rules the house. For cats like that, those pet fountains encourage the animal to drink more water - which is obviously good for them. haha. Your cat is adorable by the way!

    However, I had a cat (male) who never had a fascination with sinks until he developed a UTI. We didn't know he had one until it was too late. He died. I like to give people a forwarning that sometimes seemingly cute behavior in our pets is actually them trying to help themselves, if that makes sense. My cat randomly started sitting in the sink. I thought he had just discovered a new place to sleep. Cats always find the strangest places. Anyway, your cat may have always loved the sink; but after reading this, I couldn't help but share my story.

    Love your blog, btw.