Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Birchbox Love

Have you heard of Birchbox? No? Well, it's fabulous. This is why.

Once a month I get a cute little box like so. It's full of goodies. Wonderful goodies! I love little treats!

This is a horrendous photo, but this is what I got!

Products include:

Harvey Prince Ageless - Pink Grapefruit - 100ml

Showstoppers® Designer Fashion Tape in Nude/Black

Benefit The POREfessional

EBOOST Orange Natural Energy Booster

So in a nutshell, you pay $10 a month to Birchbox and you get a lovely box of goodies. You can even gift it to a friend or two. :)

Here are some of my faves so far.

I love this because there is a nailpolish named Megan. "Megan is a taupe gray". I am a sucker for anything with my name on it. And spelled the right way, of course.
I have had glitter nail polish stuck on my fingers since before Christmas. This is a God send.
I love this stuff. The colors are fun and it doesn't smudge when I rub my eyes. That's a plus. I'm like a small child- when I get sleepy I let ya know.
Have you heard of Birchbox? Do you love it as much as I do? Share your faves!

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  1. I might have to get into this whole Birchbox thing!