Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dear Husband

I have a birthday in two days. Please take note. :)

This snazzy little number needs to live with me. STAT. Oh, and you get 20% if it's your first purchase. Boom.

And get a look at the inside. I want to jump in this bag and hug it. Is that weird? I love me some animal print, sorry.

Also, I need a Daycation. Or a vacation for that matter. But I'll settle for this instead!

I need a new make up bag. And, it's $39. PLEASE BUY THIS FOR ME. Sorry, I'm not sure what just came over me. ;)

And because I could eat all of these in one sitting (except the pistachio, YUCK).

And in case you need a Gilt invite, I've got you covered!

So hubby, feel free to buy one or all of the above items. That or a puppy. I'll be a super happy camper.




  1. You can mail the pistachio ones to me. ;) Happy almost birthday!! I hope you get all of these things and more. :)

  2. I hope you get what you ask for my friend! Especially a vacation.

    PS- see you TOMORROW! AGH!