Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tickle me Tuesday: Boots

Now that it's fall, I can get away with wearing boots. SCORE!

I must must must have these! Oh, and if anyone wants to forward this post to the hubs, I do have a birthday coming up in a month and half. :)

What can I say except that I love love love these. They are a MUST!

I have been wanting these for ages. Now with the weather change, they need to live with me. I like pink, if anyone is interested in sending them to me. M'kay?!

Umm, these are my size and $30!! YES! I love the detailing! Swoon.

What's been tickling your Tuesday? 


  1. Love these!! I'm so glad it's fall and I can break out my black boots ;) I love those grey one at the end!

  2. I don't have pink Hunters but I do have a pair of Brown Hunters that are too tight in my calf. ;)


  3. @Jessica

    If I say yes, that means we can see each other soon, right?! :) I miss you!

  4. I love them ALL. I have a bad/awesome obsession with boots.. that last pair is killer!