Friday, July 22, 2011

Blog Yard Sale

I am attempting to clean out my closest. I am going to go through and pull things that don't fit, that I haven't worn, or that I have to realize, I can't wear anymore. Sigh.

Some of the items are brand new so I thought, if any of you all want them, they are yours!

I'll sell them to you for $5 plus $3 shipping. Just email me what you want!

Delias, size small

Loft, size 4P. Clearly I've never worn it. :(

Express, Size Small. Also available in White.

Navy suit from Old Navy. Size 4 skirt, Small Jacket. Yea, my fat ass can't fit this. It's wrinkley because I washed it. I thought I could wear it for my interview yesterday. Yup, not so much......

Shoot me and email or comment if you want anything. And if not, I won't be offended. Just thought someone may like them!

1 comment:

  1. Sigh - I so wish I could fit into any of these :( Good luck selling them!