Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday, Kitten Konfidential

I'm about 99% sure that Tail Wagging Tuesday is about dogs, but my kitten totally fit today's prompt: the look. The puppy dog (kitten) eyes that say, "but mommmmm, I didn't do it!" or "I'm too cute to be up to no good!". Yup, that's my Raven.

Last time I checked kittens weren't allowed on the counter. I could be wrong.

Also, I don't think you are supposed to recycle animals. I'm about 100% sure that is frowned upon. Sigh.

See that, "who me?!" look?  I'm such a softie.

Does your pet have a look? And are you a sucker like moi?


  1. Oh no! Tail wagging Tuesday is for any pet with a tail cat or dog! I don't discriminate!! Lol

  2. Haha! I love it, she's totally giving the look. ;)

  3. Hey you can write about your kitten anytime and I would read it. I mean seriously - what's cuter than an adorable kitten? Especially a cute little one like Raven.


    p.s. I write about kitties too: http://hope-squared.blogspot.com

  4. I just love sweet kitties!

  5. Oh my gosh my cats TOTALLY have a look. Many looks, actually.

  6. I love seeing cats for Tail Wagging Tuesday! They give some of the best "looks"! Cute pictures :)


  7. My cat still has a baby kitten meow. I melt every time she "talks!"