Friday, May 27, 2011

Guest Post: Beth from Dot in the City

Hi there, I'm Beth from the city.
I'm so grateful Megan asked me to join you today.
A few weeks ago, I put together a new spring-almost-summer wreath.

Here's what you'll need to make a similar one:
grapevine wreath
hot glue gun
fabric markers
baker's twine or string

I re-used a grapevine wreath I had decorated for fall.
I just love how versatile they are.
I started, but wrapping a section of the wreath with yard.
Next, I cut out felt triangles to form a bunting banner.
I just used two colors to keep it simple.
Since the wreath is going on the front door, I chose to write
 'welcome' on the bunting, stringing it together with baker's twine.
I thought it needed a little more, so I also made a flower
out of the felt in a contrasting color.
To learn more about making such a flower, check out this tutorial.
Lastly, I used hot glue (in small amounts) to put the wreath together.

Thanks for having me, Megan!

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  1. SO adorable. I love bunting, so naturally, I have to make this.