Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I heart you

Since C is deployed this year for Valentine's Day, I think he felt bad. He told me to buy whatever I wanted and that can be my gift. Wrong answer mister. I want a pony! However, as I browsed the paper for a pony (I haven't a clue where else to acquire one) I realized I couldn't just cut a check for $10,000. So that option is out the window. Damn.

On to plan B. These beauties have been making my heart go pitter pat all day....

These are merlot scented. I like anything that has to do with wine. I want these.

I could eat everything on this site. I'm not even kidding you. I wish the computer screen was scratch and sniff. :( By the way, there is a Eversave deal going on. Score! Hurry, they are dreamy. I may or may not have bought a few. (I get hungry...)

And lastly, I want a pair of these. Pink is my favorite color...

So my question to you folks is, is it greedy to get one of everything? I guess anything is better than me getting a pony, right?


  1. Hunters! I want a pair so badly.

    I say get it all. Hey, he said whatever you wanted, right? ;)

  2. I have a pair of Hunters in brown and i heart them muchos!! They have loooong socks that you can wear and roll over the top of the boot.Like this:

  3. I want a pair of Hunters so badly, too!

    Alas, I have a pony (horse, really) and let me tell you, the purchase price is not the issue. It's that darn upkeep and the way they're constantly hurting themselves!

  4. Merlot scented? That sounds divine!

    I say get one of each ;) Love the Hunters.. I would totally get the socks that Steph Corey suggested too, lol.

  5. Aaagghhh!! Add me in on the Hunter train. Want them!

  6. Oh look at you, my husband is just doing training on Vday and I am all sad face about it and your hubs is deployed. I admire that, I guess when my hubs deploys I need to man up :)

    I do love those hunter boots

  7. i did a post on hunters them!!!!

    cute blog lady!

  8. This is a cute post. You probably shouldn't get the pony but the other stuff might be okay ;)

  9. Get the Hunters, if for no other reason than to make me insanely jealous because I WANT A PAIR! Love them. And they have really cool fleece socks that go with their wellies, too! :)

    Cute post.

  10. Hunters!! Ive had mine for 3 years, they are Navy though, bit boring but i still love them :)

  11. I say get it all! Unless you feel guilty... then go for those boots :)