Friday, February 25, 2011

Fill in the blanks

1. I am currently obsessed with the show Jersylicious. Thank goodness my husband is deployed or he'd be so not happy watching it! I can't get enough. I may or may not have set up a series record on the DVR!

2. Today I am annoyed because I keep getting shot down regarding jobs I am applying for. Ugh.

3. The age I am is ___30__ and the age I feel is 21. I just had an awesome weekend with my best girlfriends and we lived it up. I miss them already.

4. My favorite place is the beach. It's so peaceful.

5. Something I have been procrastinating is working-out. I go like once a week. I need to get better at it. (By writing this, I'm committing to go today, which will make 2 times this week. If anyone hears that I didn't go, you can yell at me.)

6. The last thing I purchased was a garlic roaster for my friend Jax's bridal shower. She is going to do a happy dance. :)

7. The thing I love most about my home is that it is filled with love. No matter what we are going through or how our day was, when we walk through the door all our troubles seem to fade. And my kitties are so damn cute they make me smile too.


  1. I always feel younger when I'm hangin' with my girls!

  2. Ditto, I am 25 but I feel like am 19. I guess I need to grow up? LOL.

  3. I hear you with the age thing!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job hunt...