Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh Amazon, how I love you...

This week I've been tickled by the Amazon bug. Recently I got a LivingSocial email to buy a $20 Amazon.com giftcard for $10. I was hooked. I originally thought I was going to use my $20 for some books for my Kindle, but that changed when I found the items below.

Unfortunately it does not come with the cat in the picture, but it looks like a blast. My kitten needs it. (And my couch does too so he will stop scratching it).

What else do I want?


I'm a total cheater. I bought this as a white elephant gift for a Christmas party I went to. It didn't get picked so I grabbed it woohoo! However, the person after me had their gift stolen, so they took mine. Damn it, I was so close. Maybe now is my chance to get it.

And finally, since my hubby is a totally carnivore, I think this is only appropriate to get for him. Mind you, he said no way, but still I think it's fascinating.

I could spend all day on there. This can't be good. Anyone care to share what they would purchase from Amazon? I want one of everything please!


  1. I want to know if that cat thing works! We have 3 bored cats at home that could use some exercise :). We have Apples to Apples and LOVE playing it!! :)
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love that cat toy! My childhood cat had one (but it was just round) and she went NUTS on that thing. It was hilarious to watch. :)

  3. I have NEVER had a White Castle burger...ever. :)

  4. While the cat toy is pretty amazing, you MUST get Apples to Apples. It's my favoritest game everrrr and Scot gets so annoyed bc I want to play it EVERY time we hang out with people. So.. come over, we'll play, you'll love it, you'll buy it =D

  5. Love Apples to Apples...we have that game...it's always a laugh fest when we play!

  6. a. I love Amazon.com and my movies/tv shows wishlist is officially out of control. Sighhh.
    b. I LOVE APPLES TO APPLES! Seriously, is it not the best game ever?! Ahhhh! :)

  7. Apples to Apples is so much fun!

  8. Hey Megan! Thanks for commenting on the blog---always good to get connected with another mil spouse! yayyy :)

    ugghhh i love amazon too...i actually made myself refrain from getting that coupon deal last week, and now i am already totally regretting that i didn't get it!