Monday, November 1, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Happy Holidays!

This will be our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. Guessourlastname. I can't flippin' wait! I have yet to get anything that says Mr. & Mrs. Whoarewe, so when C mentioned we should do holiday cards, I thought, "my husband is a freakin' genius!" and when the opportunity to get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly arose, I thought the cosmic universe was telling me something.

I have ordered a gazillion things from Shutterfly in the past, such as my guest book for the wedding, a photobook for my Grandad (shhh that's his Christmas present), and our thank you notes. So I am madly in love with Shutterfly and their quick service, value, and overall awesomeness.

In browsing the cards, I was floored. There are so many fabulous ones to choose from, such as photocards, Christmas cards, and holiday address labels too! Here are my favorite Christmas cards.

This one is great because of the beach. We got married at the beach. I like where this is going....

I love this one because I have some family members that celebrate Hannukah, so this is a win-win for all holidays, not just Christmas!

And this one could be perfect because we could use our initial!

And I love these address labels. They make me hungry. Oh, and again they are pefect for all holidays!

 So what do you think? Which is your favorite? And, since I just got married in June, is it appropriate to use a wedding picture?

And I must mention, since getting the cards requires a blog post about Shutterfly, you can consider this post sponsored. And feel free to spread the word to get your own cards!

Looks like I have some decisions to make!


  1. You can def use a wedding picture! :) I look forward to receiving your card! :)

  2. I got married in May and plan to use my wedding picture for our Christmas card. The hard part is deciding which one!

  3. I really like the second one...prob because they're my kitchen colors. HA!

  4. This is a great idea that you want use wedding pictures on Christmas card.

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  5. Holiday cards are so fun!! Yay, for your first married Christmas.

  6. They're all cute, but I'm especially liking #1 and #2. Good luck deciding!

  7. My fav, is definitely the 2nd one :-) This is our 1st married Christmas too, yay!

  8. You can use a wedding picture! It would be beautiful! =)