Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Isn't it ironic, don't you think?!

First off, I miss Alanis Morisette. Anyone know what happened to her? Ok, I digress. Everyone I am coming in contact with is getting pregnant (watch out people! I'm like Midas, minus the whole gold thing) so I've been going to shower after shower after shower. I always like to buy something off the registry and a little something extra as well.

In my latest shower shopping extravaganza, I came across this delightful number!

Adorable, right?! I think so. And, for some of you that know me personally, you know I'm obsessed with funny t-shirts. I wear them often and everywhere I go. I know they are so out of date, but I don't care. They make me laugh A LOT. My favorite one is this one, and I wear it so much it's almost about to kick the bucket. I might cry if that happens.

So yea, the aforementioned onesie was a must. Plus I thought it was ironic that it said Made in the USA since the baby would be (get it?! Made in USA, and shirt Made in USA! I crack myself up). However, upon further investigation, (here is where the true irony comes in!), brace yourselves, it is made in China. CHINA. Not that there is anything wrong with China, but come on, this shirt boasts USA spirit and therefore, is an inaccurate statement.

To quote the great Ms. Morisette, "Who would've thought... it figures."


  1. Heh. I knew where this was going as soon as I saw the title + picture of the onesie. Does the USA actually make any clothing? I feel like all of mine are from any number of eastern countries. Ironic indeed!

  2. I don't have a baby but I kinda want a Made in the USA tee for myself. Haha! Love it.

  3. Dude...you know Alanis is totes pregnant, right? Totally not kidding.

  4. @Steph, Touche, I noticed that too.
    @Jessica, I love that idea!
    @Emily, I know what to send as a baby gift, Made in the USA! Wait, she's Canadian, right? Damn.

  5. I am LOVING that t-shirt ... I think I may be sushi's biggest fan. For reals. And also - omg everyone i know is pregnant toooooo! Isn't is annoying/weird/fun? Lisa always jokes she doesn't want to hang out with me because she thinks I work my baby voodoo to get everyone knocked up. Totes not true, though. :)