Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pyrex tried to kill me

So, I was completely honest with C from the getgo of our relationship. I said these exact words, "I can't cook, HATE cleaning, and have a crazy relationship with my mother." He didn't head for the hills, so that's a plus. However, my views on number two will never change and today my mom hasn't pissed me off today, so I can say she's super cool, so only number 1 has any wiggle room or room for change.

With that being said, I'm *attempting* to learn how to cook, so that I can say "I'm the baddest cook on the block, yo!". Mostly, it's just a pile of mush that I am subjecting my guinea pig, ahem, husband to eat and critique. I'm so nice, I know. Anywho, we got a bunch of duplicates for the wedding, so off to BB&B I went!

Amongst everything I bought, I got this!

Yup, a BAKING dish. Now, here is where the story gets good. I was under the impression when you BAKE, you use the oven. I was told by C (remember, this is all new to me!) that if I put this baby on the stove top it would break. Got it, no stove top. I am fearful of the stove top anyway, so score!

As the series of events unfold, please note, no one was hurt in the writing of this blog.

I proceeded to mix a crap ton of ingredients together and it smelled delish. Hubby agreed and continued to pace around the kitchen muttering, "hurry UP, I'm starving." No pressure, right? Right. So food is done, in the oven it must go. My concoction was supposed to take 30 minutes. Enough time to watch 90210, SWEET! As I sit down and get comfortable, I hear a POP. Not a good pop, like, oh, popcorn popping, pop rocks, no...the sound of glass EXPLODING.

This is what happened.

Sad, I know.

So the next 30 minutes were spent cleaning my stove and crying to the poor pizza girl that answered the phone at Papa John's. Oh, and believe me, I have the pieces of pyrex in a nice little baggie to take to BB&B. Not that they can do anything, but still.

So lesson learned? Cooking is not for me. And Pyrex wants me dead. 


  1. OMG craziness! I've never seen that happen before. So sorry Pyrex trying to kill you :(

  2. AH! I am so sorry! How scary... I would have cried too haha.

  3. This happened to our Coringware! I was SO VERY PISSED. But not smart enough to put in a baggie and take back to BB&B.
    how smart

  4. I LOVE Pyrex, WTF? I'm angry for you, but don't give up. I loves you.

  5. What the heck, Pyrex?? I never had that problem.. yet.. now I'm terrified.. I'm glad you're alive!!!

  6. Oh, sweetie. Don't let this deter you from cooking! I think Pyrex just specifically has a vendetta against you. So lesson learned: no more Pyrex! Do not be afraid of the stove top. Cooking really is easy (promise.) If you can follow directions you can cook, simple as that :)

  7. WTF Pyrex! You can do it Megan, I know you can! :) I'd also recommend Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything (people seem to really like it, I don't have it) and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (it's called ministry of food in the UK). Oliver's book uses simple ingredients and simple preparations to get you started.

  8. bahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. AH! I just read this and thought of you right away! (yes, like two months later)

    I guess its a real problem, so watch out!