Thursday, October 14, 2010

Orange kitty bites

My really good friend Shannon's son was on a mission to find my cat one day. He came running downstairs and said, "orange kitty bites." It's very true. He may look cute and snuggly, but he is a mini-wolverine.

See? Cute and snuggly.

Five seconds later, he tried to claw my eyes out. Woops. Oh course I don't have pictures of that. He is too sneaky.

Anyway, he has issues, but I love him to pieces. Notice his Elvis lip? It's precious. Also, he twitches. Many people have requested a video. Here it is. Please note, the vet says he is fine and not in any pain, so no OH NO, you are hurting him comments, m'kay?! Thanks.

Moral? Watch out for the orange ones. They bite!


  1. I LOVE spaz!!! and Yes my son still runs around looking for the "Orange Kitty that bites" LMAO

  2. Best video EVER!! I laugh every time :) I need to meet Orange Kitty someday.