Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Supersize me...

So I have excessively been googling the heck out of "lose weight fast" diets and gimmicks. I realize healthy eating and working out are the best solutions, and I am willing to do that, but I do notice too that there are amazing products out there. For instance, the dumb bell phone. Really!? You are telling me this gadget truly exisits?! I am INTRIGUED and slightly upset that I don't have this already! My phone rings all the time at work. Imagine me picking up the 12 pound weight each time. Welcome to the gun show ladies and gents! HA!

My next favorite invention is the fitness vending machine. Yes, you heard me right. F*ing brillant! How many times have you been running on the treadmill and thought "geez, I could really go for a Kit Kat right about now?" BAM! There ya go! Kinda defeats the purpose of working out I think but my interest has been captured.

The one good thing that did come out of my investigative sluething was that the infamous Shake Weight is a bust. Damn. I worked my magic (batting eyes, pouty lip, whiny voice) to convince C that this MUST MUST MUST go on the registry and that whoever bought it for me was FABULOUS. After much chagrin (I did a demonstration in the store where I whacked myself in the lip with the box, dagger!) he gave in. Now I have to remove it. I hate when he is right :/

A small piece of my died when I found out that the chocolate diet is a myth. I hate you google, I really really do. Way to ruin a girls dreams! SHEESH!


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