Friday, March 5, 2010

Get your dancin' shoes ready!

I am not a fan of heels normally. I am more of jeans and tennis shoes type of girl. I also I am in search of something blue. So why not combine both?! I found light blue Chuck Taylor's on Amazon for $39.99. I'm thinking this might be a great investment! I am also slightly in love with these Louboutin's as well. I will not even mention the outrageous (but totally worth it!) price tag. The laid back comfy chick in me is saying Chuck Chuck Chuck! The this is my wedding damn it sex kitten is saying Loui! Loui! Loui! What to do?! In my utter disbelief while shopping around for shoes I found, gasp, HIGH HEEL TENNIS SHOES are back in style! I am both appalled and intrigued at the same time. Could this be the answer to my prayers or the worst invention ever?! Either way, I'm slightly curious and will continue to google the heck out of this until I have made a decision. Perhaps I can find blue ones? Perhaps I can incorporate both of my personalities into this one delight?! According to VS, "this new trend takes laid back and sexy to new heights." Where have these shoes been all my life?! I know, I know they have been stuck in the 1990's, but so I am! So, do I throw caution and tradition to the wind and go with the "normal" blue heel look? Or do I say screw it and go with the Chucks? Or, do I really throw a monkey wrench in the situation and go for 90's trend? Looks like I have some deciding to do!


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