Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Google can be a scary, scary creature....

So I like to consider myself Noah's Ark. I take in animals and creatures and love them. We have a family of rabbits that live in our yard, two ducks, and now, my newest friend, a fox!

I am unfamiliar in the care and upbringing of a fox, so I decided to research the subject. I like to think of myself as a google coniseur. Or so I thought....

I work for the state. Surprisingly however, they are very lax with what imformation I can access on the internet. I can go on facebook, etc. and it's not blocked (who knows after this last debacle what will happen though!). I pulled up google and did what any normal average jane would do and typed in foxes in the search engine. Since I am also working and clearly suck at multi-tasking, I did not read the description of the first link that came up for said "foxes". Instead, I happily clicked, hoping to await the moment where I realize I can keep this lovely creature as my new pet! Guess what, first site, freakin' porn! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! So I am at my office and there are breasts and God knows what else flailing around my screen! I gasp in panic and quickly close the link.

I refuse to make eye contact now with the IT guys, as I truly believe they judge me. Son of! Damn!


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